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How do I register a trade mark?

Trade mark proprietors: If you are the proprietor of a trade mark, you may apply directly to the Intellectual Property Office for registration.

Agents: If you are acting on behalf of a trade mark proprietor (i.e. as their agent or representative), you must be a registered trade mark agent.

The register of trade mark agents is available to view here.

Types of application

As of 01 March 2016, a single application process has been introduced, replacing the 'Primary' and 'Supported' application types. All applications are now treated as new trade mark applications and no applications are required to be supported by a previous registration in another jurisdiction.

What will I need to do before submitting an application?

- Search the trade mark register at to check for any similar or identical marks already registered (see search guidance below for more information)

- Ensure that your mark is registrable (see "What is a trade mark" for more information)

How do I make an application?

Full details of how a trade mark can be registered using the on-line services portal can be downloaded below.

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