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Design Rights Forms & Fees

Note: Design right submissions may be made by the following persons:

Design right proprietors: If you are the proprietor of a registered design, you may make submissions directly to the Intellectual Property Office.

Agents: If you are acting on behalf of a design right proprietor (i.e. as their agent or representative), you must be a registered design right agent.

The register of design right agents is available to view here.

Forms for the registration and ongoing administration of design rights, along with information regarding the necessary fees, are available to download below.

Schedule published 1 March 2016.

The fee schedule is available to download at the bottom of the page should you require further information.

ServiceFeeForm (if applicable)Notes
Registration of design£100pdf icon Application for registration of a design [696kb]The registration is a re-registration process. The registered design must be first registered in an approved jurisdiction (see regulations for full list).
Assignment (change of ownership)£50pdf icon Assignment - application to record a change of ownership [459kb]The assignment must first be registered in the jurisdiction of first registration.
Change of agentfree of chargepdf icon Change of agent [500kb]-
Change proprietor name/address£10pdf icon Change of Proprietor name or address [520kb]-
Copy certificate of registration or copy of registration record

£10 (uncertified)

£25 (certified)

-Please email requests to
Extension of period of protection£100pdf icon Application to extend period of protection [358kb]Design rights may generally be renewed in 5 periods of 5 years, however the renewal process depends on the law in the primary jurisdiction.
Formal extract of the Register£25-Please email requests to
Late filing fees10% per annum from date payment was due to date payment is made-Extra filing fee to be charged where any fee due under these rules is not paid when it is due.
New certificate of registration£25-A new certificate may be issued if the original is lost or destroyed. Evidence will be required by the Registrar as to the proprietor of the design. Please email requests to
Notice of a dispute challenging the validity of a design£250--
Other request to the Registrar (which are not specified in these rules)£10-This is a standard fee for any applications not covered by these rules.
Rectification of Register£10-Rectification request may be made by writing or email.
Registration of a licensee£50pdf icon Registration of a licensee [515kb]-
Restoration of a registered design£150-An application for restoration of a design may be made after the expiry date. Please contact the IPO for further information.