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Trade mark maintenance

Certain submissions are required for registered trade marks. Trade marks must be renewed every 10 years to be kept in force. In addition, if any details change regarding the ownership, address or agent, the IPO must be notified.

Who may make trade mark submissions?

Trade mark proprietors: If you are the proprietor of a trade mark, you may make submissions directly to the Intellectual Property Office.

Agents: If you are acting on behalf of a trade mark proprietor (i.e. as their agent or representative), you must be a registered trade mark agent.

The register of trade mark agents is available to view here.


In order for your trade mark to remain registered it must be renewed every 10 years. You can continue to renew a trade mark indefinitely. Renewal may be made up to 6 months in advance of the renewal date. If a trade mark is not renewed in time there is a 6 month grace period in which the mark may still be renewed. There is an additional late filing charge associated with this. If the mark is still not renewed it will be removed from the register.

A renewal can be completed online.

Guidance on how to file a renewal is available here.

Changes to proprietor name or address

When details of the proprietor of a trade mark (or trade marks) change, the Intellectual Property Office should be notified of the new name or address of the proprietor in order that the register is correct.

Further information regarding changes to proprietor name or address can be downloaded below.

A change to proprietor name or address can be completed online.

Guidance on how to file a change of proprietor name or address is available here.

Note: If ownership of the mark has changed, this must be recorded as an assignment.

Transfer of ownership (assignment)

The Intellectual Property Office must be notified if the ownership of a trade mark changes. This can be submitted to us on a paper form. A copy of the deed of assignment (or other written proof of the transaction) and the correct fee must be submitted along with the form.

An assignment may only be made by paper form: pdf icon Change of ownership (Assignment) [459kb]