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Charities and Non Profit Organisations - PPL & PRS Licences

On the 31st October 2013, the States of Guernsey repealed the exemptions for charities and non-profit organisations regarding the playing of sound recordings in public.

This means that charities and non-profit organisations require a licence to play sound recordings in public just like other organisations under the Copyright (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance 2005 as amended and The Performers' Rights (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance, 2005 as amended.

Licences for the playing of music in public are issued by PRS for Music (which reimburses songwriters, composers and music publishers) and PPL (which reimburses record companies and performers). There are special fee schedules and some exemptions for charities and non-profit organisations. If your organisation is in one of these categories you should contact PRS for Music and PPL who will advise on the type of licence (if one is required) and any associated fees.

Charities and non-profit organisations already require a licence from PRS for Music for the playing of music in public. In the event that licences have not been obtained in the past, and the charity/non-profit organisation contacts PRS for Music, it has been agreed that no back payments will be required. PPL have agreed that there will be a 12 month grace period between the States decision in October, and the requirement to purchase licences.

There are certain activities that exempt charities and NPO's from the need for a licence. Please see the flow chart and additional information documents available to download below. These documents have been prepared in conjunction with PRS for Music and PPL, however if there is any doubt, then the charity/NPO ought to contact PRS for Music and PPL to discuss their charity/NPO's circumstances. A Bailiwick charity or NPO is responsible for ensuring that its activities do not contravene these Ordinances.

Contact details are as follows:

PRS for Music - Contact the Joint Licence Team, Customer Services tel 0845 3093090, email

PPL -Contact the New Business Team on tel 020 753 41000; email ;

Guernsey Registry, Market Building, tel 743800, e mail -;