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Patent Forms & Fees

Forms for the registration and ongoing administration of patents, along with information regarding the necessary fees, are available to download below. Schedule published 1 March 2016.

For any services with no forms associated, please contact the Intellectual Property Office for more information before applying.

Note: Except in the case of persons who are ordinarily resident in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, applications to register patents, change particulars, asssign or license patents etc CAN ONLY be made by a registered patent agent.

The fee schedule is available to download at the bottom of the page should you require further information.

Patent forms & fees
ServiceSection of the Patent OrdinanceFeeForm (if applicable)Notes

Patent applications 

Registration of a patent or biotechnical invention in the Bailiwick of Guernseys. 5(2)(b)£200pdf icon Request to register a granted patent in an oversea jurisdiction [295kb]Application must be supported by a previous registration in a designated country (see Schedule 2 of the Ordinance).
Registration of 'patent of addition' in the Bailiwick of Guernseys. 13(2)(b)£100--

Patent maintenance 

Assignment (change of ownership)s. 10(1)(b)£50pdf icon Assignment (application to record a change of ownership) [459kb]-
Change proprietor name/addresss. 2(c)(1)£10pdf icon Change of proprietor name or address [520kb]-
Extension of term of patent - unreasonable delay

Schedule 3

s. 1

£500pdf icon Application for extension of patent - unreasonable delay [125kb]See Schedule 3 (s. 1) of the Ordinance for more information.
Extension of term of patent - qualifying registered medicinal product or plant protection product

Schedule 3

s. 2

£100pdf icon Application for extension of patent - medicinal or plant protection product [124kb]See Schedule 3 (s. 2) of the Ordinance for more information.
Licence of rights. 21(1) & s. 22(4)

Entry of licence: £50

Cancellation of licence: £50

Modification of particulars of a patent registrations. 13(1)£10-This may be used to replicate the registration in the original country, or any modifications made in that country.
Notice of appeal in overseas countrys. 8(3)No fee--
Notice of limitation to a patent as attached to the registration of the patent in the designated countrys. 6(2) & s. 13(2)(a)£10--
Notice (in the Bailiwick of Guernsey) of an order in an overseas country for restoration of the right in an overseas registered patents. 8(4)£50--
Notice of revocation, cancellation, invalidity or expiry of registration in overseas jurisdictions. 8(2)(a)No fee-Within 5 years of date of first registration.
Notice of a right as an inventor to be registered in the Registers. 13(5)No fee--
Recordal of licensee or other interests. 10(1)(b)£50pdf icon Application to register a licensee [515kb]-
Rectification of the Register/correction of an applications. 14(2)(a)£10pdf icon Application to rectify the Register [438kb]-
Renewal of extension certificate (supplementary protection)Schedule 3 s. 3£100pdf icon Renewal of registration [229kb]-
Renewal of patent registrations. 8(2)(d) & 9(2)(c)£100pdf icon Renewal of Patent Registration [390kb]-
Renewal late feeSection 2 C (i) Office of the Registrar£10 per calendar month--
Request to prohibit or restrict the publication or communication of informations. 2(5)(a)£100--
Restoration of a patents. 13(2)(a)£150 (in addition to the renewal fee)pdf icon Restoration of Patent [222kb]An application for restoration may be made up to 1 year from the renewal date of the patent.
Withdrawal of an application for patent registrations. 5(6)No fee--
Change of agent-No feepdf icon Appointment of an agent [500kb]-

Search and information services 

Copy of extract of patent documents. 2(4)(b)

£10 (uncertified)

£25 (certified)

-Please email requests to
Copy of lost/destroyed certificate (uncertified)s. 7(2)£10-Please email requests to
Copy certificate (certified)s. 7(2)£25-Please email requests to
Novelty search for search of Bailiwick RegisterSection 2 C (i) Office of the Registrar£100--
Purchase of public documents-£2 per document Please email requests to

Opposition and observation

Notice of observation in relation to a patent applications. 5(3)(b)No feepdf icon Patent observation [318kb]-
Notice of opposition to the cancellation of an entry of a licence of right in the Registers. 22(6)£100--

Exceptional services 

Any other service or request to the RegistrarSection 2 C (i) Office of the Registrar£100--

Patent agent registration and maintenance

Application for registration as a patent agent


s. 4

£100pdf icon Registered patent agent guidance and form [478kb]-
Patent agent annual renewal



£100 per yearpdf icon Renewal of registered patent agent [173kb]-
Change of particulars relating to a registered patent agent


s. 6

free of charge--